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Yep.  We won the Bronze in an International Tasting for this flavor.  You can say we're a bit geeked!

Southern flair with the bourbon and pecans.  Tasted like a Pecan Pie....but in a toffee form!



Maple Bourbon Pecan

  • Honestly, girl scouts honor, we have never, ever had anyone return our toffee.  Well, one time, a wisecracker at an event returned his empty bag and asked for a refill.  Seriously, one bite and...that's it.....that bag is seconds away from being emptied....BY YOU. We have a long shelf life and we are constantly making product every week. Our products are: Award-winning, handmade, Michigan Made and, most importantly, fresh.

    Due to the nature of food, once the bag leaves our hands and you've walked away, we cannot take it back. We don't refund for melted chocolate/toffee.

  • When we ship our creations to you we ship under what is called FOB.  Basically that means, once it leaves our hands, it becomes your property.  We will do our best to make sure it gets to you unscathed. Give us the best address you can. We will send it there.

    In hot weather, we will add an ice bag or two.  But, we don't offer refunds for melted toffee.  Either send it to your office/school so it doesn't melt on your front porch or wait till cooler weather. IF it IS hot weather, chk out our LOCATIONS and see if there's a place by you that you could buy it from.

    During the holidays, we will do our best in planning to get the package to you in a timely fashion.  IF the package is ordered close to the holiday, we will get it to the shipping place (USPS or UPS)but, we can only do so much during the holiday crush.

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